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The Careal Bayo’s Program: Career Pathways, makes career exploration and self-discovery fun for students. 

Mission Statement
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"Millions of job postings go unfilled even as millions of people remain unemployed or underemployed."
Harvard Business School

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Who is Careal Bayo?

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"We must unlock the potential of our students and expedite their track to elevate their lives today."

Ahlia Kitwana


Founder - Careal Bayo

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unaware of their strengths

The platform was inspired when Founder, Ahlia Kitwana was teaching at a community college at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. While a lot of white-collar jobs shifted online easily, the essential workers still had to go out into unknown peril (at the time) in order to make ends meet. What Ahlia realized was:

  • Her students were unaware that they were already QUALIFIED for a slew of jobs that paid well and better than what they were earning at the time.

  • They were unaware of all the strengths, superpowers and transferable skills they already possessed and how to convey that to potential employers.

About Careal Bayo

How Can Careal Bayo Help?

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equip students with the tools to learn better & faster

We connect adolescents and young adults with their strengths, superpowers and transferable skills and align those skills with viable career paths. We then connect this untapped talent with jobs at businesses vying for middle-skill talent.

How Careal Bayo Helps

students understanding how they learn best = endless possibilities

Users begin their biggest adventure yet!: The journey of discovering themselves.

Users work to align strengths, superpowers & transferable skills with career options. 

Users work to build a career path. Begin a quest, level up, earn badges and uncover a career pathway. A young person can learn what their strengths, superpower & gifts are and how to leverage them to gain a high-value job and career.

Users will learn how to market themselves to potential employers and get ready for interviews.

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Medical Team
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"self-awareness is important for the personal and professional development of nurses, for developing an effective nurse–patient relationship and for improving nursing abilities".
Subia P. Rasheed, Ahtisham Younas, Amara Sundus - Journal of Clinical Nursing

How Does Careal Bayo Work?

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Sign your student up

Whether you're a parent, a mentor, a teacher, a school, an institution, or the student, contact us to get access to our program. We offer different packages for different needs.

How Careal Bayo Works

Fill out questionnaire

Students will fill out questionnaire that allows us to customize their program to help maximize the impact of the program.

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Receive custom program plan

Students will start the 12-week program at any point. They can do it in conjunction with their classes or take the course before taking their traditional classes. The program can also be tailored to the student's program.

Strengths & Superpower Workshop

The workshop aims to shift students' mindset towards abundance and empower their social and emotional wellbeing. Deliverables include multiple career path options, clear understanding of personal strengths and superpowers, and a report explaining results..




Students are introduced to a great network of professionals and students building their careers. As a result, they become more knowledgeable and gain the confidence to accelerate their career and professional growth.  

Mentorship Matching

Students are paired with mentors who guide them in building relationships with people in the fields they wish to be in. Apart from gaining insight into these fields, they are also greatly motivated and given the chance to experience these fields through job placements.


As a part of our self-discovery program, we facilitate professional programs where a variety of insights and encouragements are shared by professionals to help students build confidence.

Other Benefits for Students

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